About Labrador German Shepherd Mix

We all have thought about what could have happened if we combined the qualities and attributes of the two world’s famous dog breeds. Well, no more a mystery now as breeders have developed Labrador German shepherd mix long ago.

Bringing the characteristics of German shepherd and Labrador retriever, whatever you need to know about the composition is now disclosed. Get yourself together and find out everything about it.

All the things to know about Labrador German Shepherd mix

As the name states, the Labrador German Shepherd mix is what you get when a Labrador mates with a German shepherd. Commonly known as Shepradors, the dogs may have the floppy ears of a Labrador or the pointed ears like a German shepherd. The appearance of the Sheprador, just like other mix-breed dogs, cannot be predicted. It is pretty much a gamble to try to predict what the dog would look like. However, there are a few generalizations that can be made about the appearance of a Labrador German Shepherd Mix.

Appearance and size

Because both of the parent breeds are dogs having a medium to large-sized body, you can expect the little Sheprador to be of the same size. Because German Shepherds are generally 22-26 inches tall and Labradors are 22-25 inches tall, you can expect the mixed offspring to stand somewhere between 22 inches and 25 inches. Generally, it may change with a change in the parents’ height.

Just like the size and almost every other physical trait, the color of Labrador German Shepherd Mix also varies and cannot be predicted beforehand. You may see Shepradors that have a pooch of solid colors like Labradors or a mixed coat like German Shepherds. Mostly, the color of the pup is influenced by the shade of the Labrador parent. If the Labrador parent is dark, the offspring will have a dark coat as well.


As far as the coat length of the dog is concerned, it is more likely to have a shorter coat. This may be because of the influence or the bloom of the dominant gene of the parent Labrador. Because Labradors generally come with shorter coats, the dominant genes make sure that the offspring has a shorter coat as well. Obviously, because the dog is a mix-breed of two double-coat dogs, it will have two coats. The guard coat will be irregular, whereas the undercoat will generally be smooth.

Personality and temperament

The common characteristic traits between Labradors and German Shepherds are intelligence, activity, and loyalty. Because the parents share these traits, the offspring pup can be expected to be of the same temperament as well. However, it is, like all other traits, unpredictable. German shepherds are famous all over the world for being intelligent and having a possessive instinct, guarding what’s theirs. Labradors, on the other hand, are obedient as well and are very comfortable with humans.

The above temperament traits show that the offspring will no doubt be intelligent, loyal, active, friendly with humans, and very obedient. If not all, the offspring will surely have some of the traits mentioned above. To see if your Sheprador will be a playful dog great with children or a guard dog having an aggressive nature with strangers, you will have to wait for it to grow.

Strength and physical activity

If talking about the activity levels of your Sheprador, it will surely turn out to be a really active dog. Because the parents are highly active with an athletic nature, the traits will be transferred to the offspring. These dogs require around two hours of exercise every day, so you can rest assured that you won’t be dealing with an inactive dog. However, they have an intelligence trait due to which they get tired of things easily.

When Shepradors get bored and tired of doing a certain thing, they may move towards aggressive behavior such as chewing and digging. For this reason, you are not to leave a Sheprador unattended for long hours at home.

These dogs require frequent exercising and are great with owners which they can go to walk with, have a swim with, and run with. Swimming, however, also may vary. Labs are good with water, while German Shepherds or not, so you will only need to observe their behavior around water to see which parent’s traits did they pick up more.

Exercise requirement

Exercising is extremely important for Shepradors because there is a high probability that these dogs will get obese if they don’t exercise the required amount every day. Obesity puts them at the risk of a number of diseases and may also damage their hips by putting pressure on them. Moreover, Shepradors shed a lot and therefore, would require proper brushing. When they are in the shedding season, they will need to be brushed as much once per day.

Grooming and care

Caring for a Sheprador is one of the best parts. They require constant love and are extremely loyal to their owners. Highly active, though, which means you will have to take them to the park for almost two hours every day, and you’ll surely see that walking isn’t the only thing Shepradors love doing in the park. A good game of fetch may do wonders in improving both your and your dog’s mood. When you actively interact with your pet Sheprador, you are sure to get that love and affection back.


German Shepherd Labrador Mix dogs are extremely lovable dogs that can prove to be the best pet of all, but they do require a lot of exercising, care, and love. That means they are ideal for every household; you surely won’t be bored of loving and nurturing them, and neither will they stop being loyal to you. All in all, your Sheprador can turn out to be one of the best decisions if you take care of it properly.