AAA VS AA Battery Compared

With growing technology and increasing demand, batteries have evolved over time. From everyday household products to industrial applications, batteries are in high demand; however, it requires batteries to have some particular set of specifications. To cater to this, different types of batteries are available, each having different aspects and parameters. Among all, the most common batteries you hear about every day are AA and AAA batteries.

Despite being so popular, not many of us are aware of the differences between the two, and we often get confused with the name as well. However, it is crucial to know the differences between both types of batteries so that we can use them for the purpose they have been designed for. It is important not only for the safety and longevity of the battery but also for the product for which the battery is being used.

If you are the one who gets confused between the two, this article is for you to read as here we are going to talk about AAA vs. AA batteries. After having read this article, you will be able to clearly differentiate between the two types.

Before we move on to the differentiation, let’s have a brief overview of each type of battery.

AA battery

Standard size single dry cell battery, mostly used for electronic toys, portable gadgets, and equipment. Primarily, AA batteries are cylindrical in shape and produce 1.5V of electricity. Having a balanced amount of moisture, the AA battery can function without spilling at any placement position.

AAA battery

Providing the same amount of voltage as an AA battery, AAA batteries are designed for products that are compact in size and are portable such as remote control, wall clocks, and small size toys. The need for AAA batteries was felt because of the advancement of electronic items, as most of the items were coming with a compact design that it was not possible to fit an AA battery in such devices.

These days, devices are being designed to be smaller and efficient; the same goes for the battery. Having the same cylindrical shape, the AAA battery is small in size and thus fits well in small-size devices, tools, and equipment.

Now that you understand the basics of both, let’s now see the difference between AA and AAA batteries.

AAA vs. AA battery

From the overview of each battery, you can see that the most significant difference that we see is the size of the battery, though it is not the only difference we have. For a battery, size matters a lot, as it lets you know the size-specific device the battery can be used for. When comparing both, the AA battery is larger than the AAA battery.

Talking about the AAA battery, generally, the dimensions are 10.5 mm or 0.41 inches in diameter and 44.5 mm or 1.75 inches in length. The AA battery has a size of 49.2 mm or 1.94 inches in length and 14.5 mm or 0.57 inches in diameter. The same goes for the amount of charge; a AAA battery has a smaller charge in contrast to an AA battery.

When we compare the batteries in terms of voltage, both types of batteries supply the same amount. Nevertheless, the amount of electrochemical material is less in AAA batteries due to its smaller size.

The usability of the battery mainly depends on the type of equipment it is going to use and its size. Nonetheless, it is suggested to use an AA battery where high power consumption is required given that it fits in the device.

There is no hard and fast rule for AA and AAA batteries when it comes to usage. Devices that require more power can fit in more than one battery at a time. Using more than one battery will raise the voltage and as well as will increase the operating time.

The best aspect about these batteries is that you have rechargeable variants available of both types. However, you need to have an appropriate charger so that you can recharge your batteries without creating any problems. Other than that, these batteries are made with non-toxic material and, therefore, are recyclable.


Battery-operated devices are everywhere and are increasing day by day. However, each device operates on a specific size battery, and among all, AA and AAA batteries are the most common. In order to utilize the full potential of the battery and to keep your electronic items safe, it is of utmost importance that you use the appropriate battery. This article talks about the difference between AA and AAA batteries; reading this will help you choose the right battery for your products and equipment.

Do share it with others as we all have electronic gadgets in our homes and offices that are using either AA or AAA batteries.