20 Most Secured Homes in the World

Security is one of the essential elements in today’s world, and we do everything possible to make sure that we live in the safest place on earth. But have you ever wondered about the most secure homes in the world? Who lives in there and how do they ensure security?

Well, many people around the world cannot compromise on the level of security either because of their worth or the possessions and the assets they carry with them. Whether they are homeowners or state figures, they do not rely on an ordinary alarm system; rather, they step up and take every measure possible to ensure maximum security and protection.

From state-owned homes to personal belongings, let’s have a look at the 20 most secured homes in the world and see what makes them the most protected homes.

1. The White House

The white house is one of the most secure buildings globally and is a home for the President of the United States. Besides that, as many as 1300 secret service agents’ staff remain present at the white house.

It features 147 bulletproof windows, hundreds of security personnel, high-tech security equipment, and an entire SWAT team positioned at different building places. Other than that, a President Emergency Operations Center is located, which is said to be underneath six stories from the ground, which allows the President to carry on his duties during the threat or emergency situation.

This information is public; however, there are hundreds of other security measures which are unknown to the public due to security reasons.

All these measures make the White House one of the safest homes in the world.

2. The Buckingham Palace

Located in London, England. It is where the British Royal family resides.

You will see 24/7 special guards and British army personnel posted at different points of Buckingham Palace. With 775 rooms, thousands of security guards remain on alert at all times. To further enhance the protection and security of the royal family, panic rooms have been built at different places in the palace, which are made of 18 inches of steel walls to ensure utmost security during the case of an emergency.

Due to security reasons, the measures taken for the royal family’s safety are not made public, and it is made almost impossible for anyone to break in inside Buckingham Palace.

3. The Corbi Family Home

Located in Los Angeles, California, Al Corbi is the President and founder of a well-established security company. From this, we can imagine the level of security for his residence.

The house features bulletproof windows; concrete walls strengthened with steel that goes 30 feet under the ground, its own helipad, panic rooms, and above all, a wine cellar that can be used as a bunker in times of crises. It can spray chemicals to destabilize the intruders.

Equipped with advanced security tools and systems, there is no key required to enter or exit the house. Instead, it uses biometric verification software in addition to the voice and facial recognition system. With thermal imaging cameras, the house has the best surveillance system one can have. It can detect suspicious activity and generate an alarm from half a mile away.

4. The KWK Safe House

Known as The Zombie Bunker, this house is built with the most robust concrete with a protective layer of specially designed iron sheets. Surprisingly, the outer walls of the house are made movable. Equipped with a drawbridge system, the house is one of the safest and secure homes in the world.

5. Bill Gates’ Home

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, no doubt the house will be equipped with advanced high-tech security tools and systems. Not a single visitor can come in without being fitted with the personalized microchipped pins. The house is covered with the latest security cameras and design, and it is not possible that you can go unnoticed.

You can get an idea of the security from the fact that the house has pressure-sensitive floors that can tell how many people are there and where they are. The security system of Gates’ home keeps track of every movement.

6. The Fair Field Estate

Located in the Hamptons, New York is among the safest places in the world. Also known as the Hamptons Mansion, it is so large that it has a 164-seat Theater and its own garage where 100 cars can park easily. A power plant is built nearby specifically to supply power to this house.

When it comes to security, the most advanced and high-tech security equipment is installed. Besides that, the windows are made bulletproof, and thousands of highly trained security staff stay on guard.

7. Ryongsong Residence

Located in northern Pyongyang, North Korea, the Ryongsong Residence is the home of the Royal Family of North Korea and President Kim Jong Un’s. Spread over 4.6 square miles, the residence has been equipped with electric fences in addition to well-equipped security guards. There are secret underground tunnels that connect to other residences of the President and the royal family.

8. The Tardigrade House

Often called Tsui House, it is located in Berkeley, California. Made with recycled materials, the house is earth-quake and flood proof. Similarly, fire, water, and sound cannot pass through the walls. It is built with keeping in mind every possible disaster that can happen, and it counters it effectively.

9. The Kardashian-West Family Home

Concerned about security, the Kardashian family does not share the inside pictures of the house. The house is being guarded all the time by highly-trained armed security personnel, and no one can enter the premises without passing through the appropriate channels.

10. The Intel Tiny House

A house built with integrating the latest smart technology and artificial intelligence. The Intel Smart Tiny House is fully automatic, and it allows you to control each and everything with an app. Integrated with a facial and voice recognition system, you won’t be able to enter the house without verification. The house is made compact and yet one of the safest homes in the world.

11. Tokyo Imperial Palace

The residence of the Emperor of Japan, the palace is one of the most secured in the world. The public can access the place only twice a year and by following strict rules and procedures. Hundreds of security personnel stay guard all the time, and there is not a chance that you can get access to the inside without authorization.

12. The Rice House

This name, The Rice House, is given to the residence of the President of Georgia, located in Atlanta. Spread around 15,000 square feet, it is one of the most secured homes in the world.

Just like the White House, The Rice House also has bunker and panic rooms that are used in case of emergencies. The walls are made foolproof with steel-reinforced concrete, and the unique security feature of this house is the ballistic doors. These doors are also used at the entrance and can be controlled via a smart device from anywhere in the world.

13. Adriondack Park Missile Silo House

The house built during the time of the Cold War is one of the most secured homes in the world constructed underground. Spread across 3,000 square feet, the house’s doors are made blast-proof and weigh up to 907 kg. Unlike any other place, Adriondack Park Missile Silo House features a secret staircase. This house is also referred to as an underground luxury home.

14. Residence at Cape Idokopas

The residence of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is also among the most secured homes in the world. Not much has been disclosed about the security measures taken at the residence, but as it is a presidential palace, one can imagine the level of security being deployed. The residence at Cape Idokopas is famously known as the Putin’s Palace.

15. Indian Creek Island

Not a single home, but Indian Creek Island is a home for many and is rated as one of the most secure places in the world. Located in Miami, Florida, the island is a complete city offering luxurious facilities, including waterfront mansions and a golf course. You will see the police patrolling all day in Jeeps, vessels, and jet skis.

16. Field Manor

Not only one of the most secured homes in the world but also one of the historical places of the USA, Field Manor features bulletproof windows, high-tech doors, and security cameras installed all over the place. Besides that, hundreds of security measures are in place, which is unknown to the public owning security reasons.

17. Mansion located in Evergreen, Colorado

The mansion consists of the best security system in the country. It features high-tech cameras, sensors, and other security tools and equipment. Water leak detection and auto temperature control systems are also in place. Other than that, custom-designed security software is being used to protect each and every corner of the mansion.

18. The Blue House

The residence of the President of South Korea, known as the Blue House, is also among the most secured homes in the world. Built around 62 acres of land, the house features extra security measures, especially after the failed assassination attempt of the President in 1968. Besides that, the house depicts the country’s traditions, and they open it for the public to visit the place after taking required security measures.

19. Kirribilli House

The residence of The Prime Minister of Australia is counted among the most secured homes in the world. Several security measures are in place, and the latest equipment is being used. As it is one of the official residences, not much is disclosed pertaining to security concerns.

20. Larry Ellison’s Home

Larry Ellison is a co-founder of Oracle, and his protection is at the top priority for the company. The company has spent so much that the house is rated as one of the most secured homes in the world. The house consists of high-tech security equipment, and each corner of the house is protected with the most advanced security tools. Other than that, security personnel stay on alert at all times.