The 1byone Video Doorphone Review

1byone Video Doorphone Product Image

Things seem to be buckling down in the world of peephole cameras, as this model appears to be a notch above the competition.

Behind the innocuous looking doorbell lies a true behemoth worthy of the ostentatious flaunter it has been bestowed with.

Let’s take a closer look at this bigwig and witness the might with our own eyes and ears.


  • A Seven-Inch Monitor Added To The Fray

Potential intruders have been advised not to screw with houses that have video cameras installed.

They are looking for an easy prey and with the 1byone, that you will not become.

1byone Video Doorphone Interface

  • Sturdy And Robust Construction

Rain and lousy weather can bring it on as much as they want as this model stays headstrong amongst all the turmoil.

  • Included 1GB SD Card

Save all of your footage and note any suspicious activities retroactively with an integrated memory card.

The storage can be expanded by up to 32GB, leaving you placated for the weeks to come.

  • Lock Control

You are not at home and someone is bold enough to still try and enter behind closed doors?

If this looney remains unhinged by the alarm, he will stay stunted by the impenetrable door, locked from the safety of your phone.

The Advantages

  • Counteracts The Biggest Problem With Peephole Cameras

1byone Video Doorphone UsageMany thieves don’t care about what or when they steal, they do it as a hobby or as a crutch. As inane as it sounds, many of them suffer from a heavy condition only known as kleptomania.

Stop the problem at its roots, as the heavy and bulky exterior halts anyone brave enough that tries to steel the peephole camera itself.

  • Easily Install The Necessary Components

Behind the sophisticate technology lies finesse that would require a certain degree of insight to fully comprehend.

The great thing about the 1byone is that you supersede all of that with just a few minutes of reading from the officially provided handbook.

As Einstein once said: ”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it enough”

  • Infrared LED Nightvision Reveal The Full Array Of Colors At Night

Nothing can hide behind a facade (both literally and figuratively) as the integrated LED lights illuminate all the pores and little things that might become a threat to your property.

Ensure that the light is set up properly, as not to blind your genuine friends and harmless visitors.

The Disadvantages

  • The Volume Could Be Louder

Compared to some of the range of sounds we’ve seen in the Best Peephole Camera Reviews, the 1byone seems to be falling short behind some of the more expensive models.

If you are not bothered with illustrious extravagance and don’t mind telling your interlocutor to move up closer, you’re good to go!


Buying this model has been on the best things I’ve done on the planet Earth and I’m a proud father of two beautiful boys.

Nothing could be more important to me as their safety and the 1byone never failed to impress, even at the most crucial of times.

A perfect product for the perfect (and safe) family!

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