CanitecHere at Canitec, we understand that home security is something that everyone needs to take seriously. In fact, no one takes it more seriously than us.

We have been experts in the field for more than 5 years. We specialize in home video surveillance equipment.

Our Story

Our story may be similar to yours. We were living in what we thought was a nice neighborhood, in a nice suburb, in a safe city. We had been there for a few years without any incident whatsoever. That is, until the night we were robbed.

My wife and I were out to dinner with our two children. We came home to find our house ransacked. All of our valuables, such as jewelry, electronics, collectibles, etc, were stolen. Our beloved items that had much sentimental value were smashed. One of the robbers even decided to cut a hole in our carpet.

Canitec House Robbed

This is how the burglars left our bedroom

Because we had zero home surveillance equipment at the time, the robbers were never caught. They got away with over $34,000 worth of our belongings. They caused an additional $5,000 in damages. I’m very thankful that we had insurance to cover all of the damages and replacement, but that doesn’t replace the items that we held dearest to our hearts.

After that night, we started doing our research and consulted with local authorities to find a way to protect and secure our home from intruders. Not only did we go with a recommended alarm system and other preventative measures, but we purchased some just-in-case items. These items are what we primarily want to talk about on this site.

The just-in-case items are hidden video surveillance equipment that we have installed throughout our home. Should a burglar gain entry past our preventative security measures, we will have them recorded on video tape. We’re also now able to get real-time text and video alerts whenever our preventative systems are penetrated. This will let us immediately contact the authorities.

What We Offer

While we will talk a lot on this site about various tips and tricks to secure your home, we will also highlight some of our favorite hidden video surveillance products.

Our Product Review Process

Our product review process is simple – our writers find what they consider to be the best products on Amazon for the topic at hand. Our site is a review aggregate site, so they summarize the products that they feel are best for the article topic. Please note that we do not test the items ourselves.

Door Peephole Cameras: These devices replace your normal doorbell – albeit without the person at the door knowing  they’re being recorded. These devices come in handy because they will record any time someone is at your door. More modern ones enable real-time video recording and text alerts. They’re very fascinating devices that I recommend everyone gets. You can read our Ultimate Guide to Door Peephole Cameras to learn more.

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