Spy on the Spouse, or Anyone Else, with Home Security Equipment

Wouldn’t it be great to have eyes in the back of your head? How cool would it be to have the ability to see what’s happening at home or the office when you’re somewhere else? And, don’t we all want the ability to be able to hear what people are saying behind our backs?

Many places of business spend a pile of cash on surveillance equipment. Video surveillance cameras record the transactions at cash registers. Retail stores use surveillance equipment to guard against shoplifting. Drive through windows, entrance doorways, parking lots….The eye in the sky always seems to be there.

Happily, this type of security isn’t limited to big business. Anyone with a home, small business or even a car can enjoy the same type of security that seems to be everywhere people go.

Surveillance Equipment for the Budding Spy

As the old saying goes, “all a padlock does is keep an honest man honest.” This is one reason that convenience stores have visible best door peephole cameras that record cash transactions, and an obvious TV that shows customers exactly what the camera sees. This visible deterrent might make a potential thief think twice.

Of course, sometimes it can be advantageous to have access to anonymous surveillance; to know what’s going on behind our backs without anyone knowing that they are being watched. The ability to spy on people is no longer the private domain of James Bond.

Spygadgets.com offers reasonably priced surveillance equipment that enables their customers to spy on people. Co-workers, business rivals, and a potentially unfaithful spouse won’t even know that they’re being watched by some of these goodies:

  • Motion Activated Video Camera – It looks like a simple desk clock, but it really is a motion activated surveillance camera that records color video to a SD memory card. For less than $150, you can know who’s at your desk (or in your house) when you’re not.
  • GPS Tracking Device – If you want to know the location of a car, boat, RV, etc., this is the device for you. Attach one of these to any vehicle with a battery, and you’ll know the location of that vehicle at all times.
  • Pen Recorder – This fully functional ink pen can also record up to 18 hours of audio. Put this in your pocket and have audible proof of any conversation.

Counter Spy Equipment Foils Surveillance

These surveillance devices are great for the spy, but how does the spy prevent his/her actions from being recorded? Advanced-intelligence.com is a source of counter spy products that detect the presence of bugs, wireless video equipment, etc. Here are some devices that no security conscious individual should be without:

  • Bug Guard – This palm sized device reveals the location of any audio or video equipment in any room.
  • GPS Jammer – Plug this device into the cigarette lighter of any vehicle, and it becomes invisible to any GPS tracking device.
  • Cell Phone Jammer – The size of a pack of cigarettes, this device prevents any incoming or outgoing cell phone calls within an 80 foot range.
  • Wireless Video Interceptor – This portable device allows the intercepting and viewing of any wireless video camera’s subject. Now, you’ll know where other spies have placed their hidden cameras and what they are seeing.

Low Cost Home Security

Ever hear of fake security systems? These consist of the smoked glass domes found in many casinos and video cameras of convenience store fame. People see these things, know that they’re being watched, and seek other places to break into/rob/hide their own hidden surveillance devices. There’s only one catch – the cameras and domes are fake; there is nothing inside them. The domes cost around $10 and the cameras go for less than $40. Some are so realistic looking, they even have a zoom lens.

Video and audio surveillance equipment allows us to know what’s going on when we’re not around. Employees goofing off at work, an unfaithful spouse, kids throwing a party when the folks are gone….Video and audio surveillance equipment can settle arguments and provide proof of wrong doings.

Knowing what happens, or doesn’t happen behind our backs can make those vodka martinis go down the hatch a whole lot easier.

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