How to Select a Home Security Company

On any given day, one can turn on the television, radio or go online and see advertisements for a home security company. And while American crime rates have dropped somewhat in the past few years, it does not mean that home security is not an important part of protecting one’s home and family. There are many security companies vying for the home and business owner’s attention, so choosing the best for one’s needs is important.

Tips for Choosing a Potential Security Company

Once the decision has been made to have a security system installed, one should not simply open the phone book or go online and choose the very first company listed. Rather home security professionals offer these suggestions:

  • Talk to friends and neighbors to see what company they use. Find out if they have been pleased with the company.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any reports made against the company.
  • Look for a company that has been around for several years, if possible, talk to some of their customers.

10 Questions to Ask in Selecting a Home Security Company

When it comes to home security companies, there are nationally recognized companies and then there are locals. Each of them usually offer the same services, so how can one make a wise decision? After all, isn’t one home security system the same as another? To help in making the best choice, one should plan on talking to at least 3 different providers. During the meet, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • What is the monthly rate? According to Local Price, rates within the same city may vary from $29.95 a month to $36.95 depending on services chosen. In addition, can the cost of installation be financed, and what are the billing o
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  • p ntions.
  • Once the home monitoring equipment is installed, who owns it?
  • Can the system be monitored by another company? Some large companies sub-contract the work, which there can be additional fees as well as other people who have access to one’s information.
  • Will the equipment installed be new or used? In companies who maintain ownership of the equipment, systems may be recycled when previous owners discontinue service.
  • What type of warranties are include/available on parts and labor?
  • How long is the contract? What type of penalty is there if the contract is broken and what terms apply?
  • Where is the home monitoring company located? Ideally, the home security company should be local or at least very familiar with the area in which it serves. For instance, a San Jose home security company would not be a good choice for someone living Sacramento.This way, the response center as well as the emergency personal is not only closer, but knows the streets and neighborhoods better.
  • Is a telephone back-up needed? Some companies require a phone line rather a mobile number, if so one may also have to add a phone line which can increase monthly expenses.
  • Is there an insurance program with monitoring or an extra charge in cases of fire, duress or medical emergency response?
  • Can the system be expanded later without having to replace control panels or keypads? How difficult is it to upgrade when new technology becomes available?

Choosing a home security system is an important part of taking care of one’s family. By using these questions it is possible to make an informed decision and select a company perfect for one’s needs. After all, a few hours spent in finding the right home monitoring company are nothing when compared to years of security from protecting one’s family and possessions.

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