Longer Holidays Warrant More Thorough Home Security Measures

It’s easy to forget about home security when you’re excited about going on holiday. However, there is much more to securing your home than simply walking out and locking the door. This might suffice for a weekend away but for longer periods, forward planning and organisation is required to ensure that you don’t return to a burgled home.

Tips for Home Security When Away for the Weekend

Deciding to whip away for the weekend often happens on the spur of the moment. And in regards to residential security, the risk of burglary is reasoned to be less based on the fact that burglars often observe potential targets for a few days before deciding to act.

When going away for the weekend, residential security should be similar to what you would normally apply when you leave the house in the morning to go to work. This includes:

  • Drawing curtains and blinds to keep away prying eyes
  • Ensuring all doors and windows are locked to deter opportunistic thieves
  • Setting your home alarm. Make sure you either leave your phone number with a trusted neighbor or if you don’t have one of those, ensure your home alarm is the type that turns off after a few minutes in order to preserve the sanity of neighbors
  • Ensure you have home alarm monitoring stickers (even if your home alarm is not monitored) clearly visible on doors and windows most likely to be used for illegal entry

When you are away overnight, you should add the following precautions:

  • Turn on outdoor motion security sensor lights
  • Turn on your best door peephole camera
  • Put an internal light on a timer, or leave an internal light or lamp on overnight
  • If you have a spare car, park it in the driveway

Tips for Home Security When Away for a Week

It takes a few days for the traditional telltale signs of absence to be revealed. These include a letterbox filled with days-old mail, newspapers, and flyers. It also includes smelly or overflowing garbage bins, and an overgrown lawn.

When you are away for a week, the following arrangements should be made in advance:

  • Have someone empty the letterbox and check the house and grounds at least once, ideally on rubbish day so they can put the garbage out
  • Suspend any daily newspaper subscriptions
  • Ensure the lawn is mowed as this shows that someone has been home recently

These measures are in addition to all the standard security measures that you apply when away for shorter periods of time.

Tips for Home Security When Away for a Month or Longer

Leaving your home empty for a month or longer is concerning for many homeowners. Play it safe by:

  • Putting a hold on mail delivery
  • Continuing to have someone check the house and grounds once a week
  • Continuing to have your lawns and garden maintained to keep up the illusion of someone being there
  • Arranging for a friend or relative to house sit

Home Security Whilst on Holiday

The longer one is away from home, the greater are the risks of burglary. For this reason, it’s important to think about home security systems and measures well in advance of travel. Just as one packs more for a longer holiday, homeowners should take greater security measures when away for a longer period.

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