Improving Home Security

Security Improvements for the Home – Robert W. Shearer Home safety can be improved by installing a security system and making a few additional security improvements. Learn how you can improve security at home.

A few weeks ago, our feelings about home security changed drastically when our home was burglarized. We don’t live in a high crime area, nor have we experienced anything like this in the past. There are few things that can change a person’s outlook on life like being a victim of a crime. From this experience we have learned several things about improving home security.

Install a Home Security System

Homes that have alarm systems typically can deter burglars from even trying to break in. Usually all that is really needed is a sign outside of the house advertising that the home is protected with a system. If you do invest in a system, make sure that the system is activated each and every time you leave the house. Having the system deactivated for just one day can increase the chances of a thief entering the home. If the system is activated, the police will be alerted to the intrusion immediately, increasing the chances that the thief will still be in the house upon the officers’ arrival.

Reinforce Entryways to Protect Your Home

Any door or window should be evaluated for theft potential. Just because a door or window is locked does not guarantee that the house will not be entered. In our case, the front door of our house was kicked in. Did I mention this happened in the middle of the day? Once the repair of the front door was evaluated, we decided to reinforce the door frame with a steel plate. If someone tries to kick it in now, he can look forward to a broken foot.

As far as windows are concerned, there really is no way to ensure that someone will not try to throw a brick through it or smash it in. If you are in the market for a security system, try to choose one that has window movement sensors. This will help if someone does break in by breaking the window. At least the police will be notified immediately of an intrusion.

Get a Dog to Deter Thieves

One of the best ways to deter criminals from breaking and entering is to have a big dog. The dog does not have to be mean or ill-tempered; it just has to be big. Any dog that looks like it can inflict some damage to an intruder will help to protect your home. Our dogs were crated during the day, but we have since decided that risking having our carpet soiled was a better deal than dealing with a stolen wedding ring and laptop.

There are a number of additional ways to protect your home. Additional tips can be found by researching the top home security system sites on the internet. Some of these system dealers can be found in the ads on this page. When you do your homework on home security systems, you will be proactively protecting not only your home, but also your family.

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